About Us

At PickADillyBaby, we design and handcraft stylish apparel for babies and children aged between 3 months and 12 years, with every detail meticulously sewn. Made from quality hand-picked fabric, let the young ones express their individuality through a range of beautiful and practical designs!

Our Story

Founder Hana has over two decades of tailoring experience. A stylish nenek, she combines a love for fashion with talented dressmaking skills to create beautiful, modern outfits for her grandchildren. Relatives and friends soon noticed the unique apparel which stood out from off-the-shelf outfits found in malls and departmental stores. Unlike mass-produced garments, these endearing pieces were tailored to nurture the little ones’ individuality and confidence, ensuring they are smartly dressed and ready for any occasion, whether it is an indoor class or outdoor picnic.

Word got around and requests for her unique handmade apparel grew, encouraging Hana to embrace her dream of starting a personal fashion line. Thus PickADilly was born, offering practical yet stylish outfits for babies and young children alike, and inspiring plenty of happy moments.